Development Services

Android and iOS Development

I have been developing smartphone and tablet apps professionally for many years. All my code is natively written, i.e. doesn’t use PhoneGap or similar, and is of much better quality than what you will find on sites like UpWork or freelancer.

On My Google Play Store you will see some of the apps I have developed and published for clients, and you will see my own apps.

On My App Store you will see an animated kid’s game myself and my wife developed. That gives you an idea of the range of apps I develop.

The Belter Official App was built for Glasgow-based band Belter (before they changed their name to Beltur)

Music Alley was built for a client from London. It features a geotagged map of music venues with accompanying Spotify playlists of bands that played at those venues.

I have developed and/or consulted on other projects in fields such as avionics, language teaching, and logistics.

Web Development

As you can tell from my site, it’s a WordPress site. Thanks to WordPress this site is fully mobile responsive and it has a Content Management System (CMS) for easily adding new content, i.e. posts, pages, and media. I am a PHP and JavaScript – including Node.js – developer and I can build server-side and client-side software for your project.

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